AT 6am on Tuesday June 15, the world’s tallest ship, Golden Horizon, will make a short stop in Malaga Port, en route from the shipyard in Croatia.

Operated by Tradewind Voyages, the ship is due to set sail from Harwich, England, on July 1, marking the first of many voyage adventures.

From Harwich, the ship will make its way to Yorkshire, followed by Newcastle, completing its trip in Edinburgh.

Golden Horizon
Golden Horizon: The world’s tallest ship ahead of its inauguration on July 1

Golden Horizon is a near replica of the 1913-built ocean vessel France II. It has 140 ocean-facing cabins, multiple restaurants, spa facilities and boutique shops.

The tall ship relies heavily on the wind for power, using ‘Mother Nature as its compass’. 

Before setting off, the crew reviews the prevailing winds, currents and weather conditions in whichever region of the world the ship is located. This determines the general direction of travel, so that the boat can capitalise on the ship’s sailing credentials.


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