WITH Gibraltar’s vote on the amendment of the Crimes Act of 2019 on abortion due to take next week, pro-life campaigners gathered en mass to make their cause heard this morning.

Between 500-600 people donned pink clothing and gathered at John Mackintosh Square for a peaceful march and to hear speeches from the organisers leaders.

Cries of ‘We Vote No’ and ‘Save The Babies’ were called out across the square in a final push to encourage voting on the new legislature.

Next Thursday, Ministers will sit down to discuss whether or not to amend the rules surrounding abortion in Gibraltar.

Currently, abortion is illegal in Gibratar under Section 16 of the 2011 Crime Act, with anyone found to have carried out or assisted in an abortion receiving life imprisonment.

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Campaigners gather in John MacKintosh square ahead of next weeks vote (Save Babies, Vote No)

The ‘Save Babies, Vote No’ campaign is pushing for the law to remain unchanged, meaning abortion will continue to be illegal.

“I am over the moon with the turnout today, how encouraging they have been, and we truly believe that working together we can do better for our young women and find solutions for the problems that are there,” said Stephanie Yeo, a spokeswoman for the Gib Pro-Life movement to GBC.

The movement are also pushing for improvements to Gibraltar’s mental health care surrounding young women seeking abortions, a system that is in desperate need of an overhaul.

“Over 98% of abortions are reported of being under the risk of mental health,” said James Brenig of the Pro-Life campaign.

“Our mental health services are in dire straits,” continued Yeo.

“And voting to amend the bill will only add to the problem, with women both here and in the UK suffering from lack of follow up checks or support.”


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