By Shannon Chaffers

A TELEVISION reality show currently in the works is looking to feature Americans who have recently relocated to Spain and are renovating their newly purchased properties.

The series will be televised on a premium streaming platform. Casting director Jesse Rosales told The Olive Press that they are currently looking for participants in countries across the world, including Spain. 

The show’s flyer reads: “Are you leaving everything behind and buying a $1 villa in Italy, a vineyard in France or some other overseas destination? We want to document you and your journey for a fun, new series on a premium streaming platform!” 



The show is open to participants at all stages of their timeline: those who are considering moving, as well as those who have already relocated. The show is also open to people from all ages, backgrounds, and living situations.

While the show will mostly revolve around the participants’ properties, it will also focus on their adaptation to the culture of their new country. Rosales explained that the drama of the show will come from this “fish out of water” experience, so they are interested in people who don’t necessarily know the language or culture of the country they’re moving to. 

Those chosen to participate in the show will be paid. If interested, email


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