MALAGA has been placed on yellow alert for extreme heat as high temperatures continue to scorch Andalucia.

The colour warning issued by state weather agency AEMET indicates a ‘risk’ due to temperatures approaching 40°C.

Specifically, the Costa del Sol and Guadalhorce Valley are on yellow alert from 2:00pm to 9:00pm today due to maximum temperatures of 37°C expected.

Relative humidity could reach up to 40%, this shouldn’t, however, cause a major impact on thermal comfort—the condition of mind usually referred to in terms of whether someone is feeling too hot or too cold.

As of tomorrow, Tuesday, the temperatures are expected to drop back down to 30ºC, which is just above average for the province for this time of the year.

Malaga, in June, usually sees average high-temperatures of 25.2°C, with lows of 19.1°C.

Yesterday, Sunday registered highs of 34ºC in Malaga city, 32ºC in Marbella and 31ºC in Ronda and Velez-Malaga.

Sunday also saw the arrival of the spring terral wind in the city, which caused a sharp change in temperatures in just a few hours.

The weather phenomenon known as the terral wind is a local weather phenomenon in the Malaga area, Estepona, Guadalhorce Valley and Velez-Malaga.

It’s a strong north-western inland wind which heats up significantly on its journey and arrives at the coast descending through the river basins, which is why the phenomenon is typical in coastal municipalities with larger rivers.


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