THE COVID-19 pressure on the healthcare system in Malaga province continues to drop.

The number of patients in hospitals with the disease has dropped to 80, with just 13 people in Intensive Care Units (ICU)— the lowest it has been since August 24 of last year where there were 79 patients in Malaga’s hospitals.

According to data from the Regional Ministry of Health and Families of Andalucia, the recent drop in hospital pressure is thanks to the swift vaccination rate in Andalucia, whereas the numbers achieved last summer were as a result of 3 months of home confinement and strict lockdown.

With a third of the population of Malaga – 33% – already fully vaccinated, health experts are optimistic that the province is near a ‘tipping point’ in its fight against the virus, maintaining that herd immunity through vaccinations will act as a firewall against a virus.

In fact, COVID-19 rates have generally flattened or declined where vaccination rates are highest, and Andalucia continuing to lead the way in terms of vaccination rates in Spain, with over 50% of the population in the region to now have had at least one vaccination jab.

Andalucia also remains in favour of wearing a mask in outdoor spaces until at least August when it is expected that 80% of the population will be fully vaccinated—despite a move by the central government to end mandatory outdoor wearing of masks last week.


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