THE local Malaga weather phenomenon known as the terral wind has left the province with the highest temperatures recorded in the country this weekend.

The terral wind that swept through much of Malaga this weekend has led to scorching temperatures— above 40C in many areas—placing the province as the hottest in Spain this Sunday.

The highest temperature of the day in Malaga province, and second hottest place in the whole of Spain, was recorded in Estepona, with 40.7C—surpassed only by the Murcian town of Molina de Segura, which recorded a sweltering 40.9C.

But as a whole, Malaga province, with five other areas, including Velez and Malaga City, which saw temperatures above or boarding 40C over the weekend, has placed the coastal province as the area which suffered the most fearsome heat in Spain over the weekend.

The heat will give a slight respite today, Monday, to rise again tomorrow where Spain’s weather agency AEMET has placed the Costa del Sol and Guadalhorce Valley, on yellow alert for extreme heat.

The yellow alert will be activated tomorrow from 2:00pm to 9:00pm, where both regions expected to exceed 37C.

The terral wind is a local weather phenomenon typical in Malaga coastal municipalities with larger rivers and sees temperatures rise enormously in just a few minutes when the wind hits the coast.

In the UK this kind of wind is known as Helm wind.


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