ALMORADI City Council is warning residents that having visible satellite dishes and washing lines on terraces and balconies may incur fines.

A door-to-door campaign to remind tenants of the rules surrounding what can and can’t be seen from pavements below.

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WOOF JUSTICE: No visible dishes allowed in Almoradi

The ‘Citizenship Wanted’ programme involved officials from the council’s Housing and Urban Cleanliness team reporting non-compliance to the police, as well as keeping internal records.

Article 5 in the guidelines says, “no visible household items, washing lines or satellite dishes can be kept on balconies and visible from the public highway.”

Some thirty satellite dishes have already been removed from balconies, as have other belongings.

The Housing Team claim that should such bad practices continue, fines will be issued for further non-compliance, in an effort to “clean up the buildings in the town.”

Domingo Andreu, of Almoradi’s Department of Urban Cleaning, has asked that people ask for the council to collect any belongings meant for disposal, instead of leaving them in the street.

A recycling guide is being delivered to homes soon to help inform tenants regarding how and where each type of waste should be recycled.

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