TRIBUTES have been paid to a young gay man savagely beaten to death outside a nightclub in A Coruña. 

Samuel Luiz Muñiz, 24, was brutally attacked outside a nightclub on Avenida de Buenos Aires at around 3am on Saturday morning. 

Emergency services raced to save Samuel, who was reportedly assaulted over his sexuality, but he later died from his injuries A Coruña University Hospital Complex (CHUAC). 

Social networks flooded with messages condemning his murder under the hashtag #JusticiaParaSamuel. 

“All my love and support for Samuel’s family and friends. And all my condemnation of this hate crime. We want a country free of violence where everyone feels free for who they are. Let #JusticiaParaSamuel be done”, said Ione Belarra,  the Minister of Social Rights and Agenda. 

Meanwhile, the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, condemned the murder and has sent her condolences to Samuel’s friends and family.  

“We must build among all of us a freer society in which we do not leave room for hatred,” she added.

Eduardo Rubiño, president of the Parliamentary Group of Más Madrid in the Madrid Assembly urged:  “that every detail be clarified and that there be justice.

“His friends insist on the homophobic component of the beating that killed him and if confirmed we would be facing a before and after in the escalation of LGTBIphobia in our country.” 

Police inquiries are continuing and so far no arrests have been made. 


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