A SPANISH couple in their sixties have been arrested for dealing drugs in Malaga. The pair had been dealing various drugs out of their flat in the Cruz Verde district when they were caught in a police sting operation Monday (July 5).

The Policia Nacional confiscated 1,356 grams of marihuana, two bags of cocaine, a brick of hashish, 35 methadone pills, €865 in cash and a 10 inch (25cm) machete. 

The kilo and change of marihuana was all prepared for sale, which had a street value of over €6,500. 


The police received intel that large quantities of narcotics were being moved from a home in the Cruz Verde area. The raid came about as a result of a number of stakeouts. The police confirmed the specific flat that was receiving significant traffic.

An undercover operation revealed the identities of the sexagenarian couple to the police.  

Following the raid and the arrests, the dealers were charged with crimes against public health. 

They are now both in the hands of the courts and await trial.


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