I ARRIVED at Marbella’s chic Boho Club in an old beat-up people carrier (my car was in the garage), and pulled up alongside Aston Martin’s, Jaguars and Lamborghinis, feeling incredibly out of place.

I slipped on my heels and left the car as discreetly as possible, already planning jokes about ‘who brought the old banger’. 

Bohoclub Picnic 6
Picnic tables are set up with everything you need, including fantastic food from chef Diego

The first thing you see is the restaurant and bar, with guests sitting outside in the evening sunshine tucking into delights from Executive Chef Diego

Beyond the restaurant is the pool, where Bernie’s Pool Bar is – this is where I was heading (a quick check behind me to make sure I hadn’t been followed from my car).

The boutique hotel has just launched a Boho Picnic experience, and I was lucky enough to attend the launch. 

Bohoclub Picnic 2
It’s all in the details at the Boho Club

Low level tables were set up on the lawn behind, lined with decorative flowers, dainty plates and cutlery. 

Rugs and mismatched cushions on the floor provided our seats for the evening, and the sun setting on La Concha behind created the perfect ambiance. 

I got myself a cocktail and made my way to one of the tables in the far corner, taking a moment to observe the guests.

Reporter Katherine particularly enjoyed dining to a backdrop of La Concha

It was nothing like the other clubs on the Golden Mile. People were friendly; they dressed classy but designer labels and botox weren’t staring you in the face. 

When I engaged in conversation with the couple who joined my table, I realised no one would have judged me if I had worn Converse with my skirt (that’s fashionable now though, right?), and I began to settle into what became a wonderful evening.

A selection of small plates flowed from the kitchen, where Diego had been hard at work: cured meats, cheeses, salmon tartare, focaccia, not to forget mini sweet bites of meringue and chocolate brownie.

I spent the rest of the evening sharing stories with other guests and indulging in the delicious food – no one asked who the beat-up banger belonged to.

Picnic baskets must be reserved in advance. Contact info@bohoclub.com for more information.  


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