THE National Police carried out 26 operations against drug trafficking during the month of July in the towns of Granada, Motril and Baza.

Officers have arrested more than twenty people and seized more than 6,500 marijuana plants, most of which were discovered in the Northern District of the Granada capital. The National Police also confirmed an undisclosed quantity of cocaine was also seized in the major drug bust.

At the same time, around 170 interventions have been carried out against the fraud of electricity, in which more than 40 people have been arrested. 

Anti-drug trafficking operations have led to the dismantling of numerous indoor marijuana plantations throughout Granada. More than 80% of the operations took place in the capital, with a further 15% in Motril and another 4% in Baza.


Removal firm on Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol was used to export drugs from Spain to Sweden


  1. Success ? At what cost ? Surely decriminalisation and RESPONSIBLE marketing would be preferable to pointless policing. We live in a Capitalist culture, where the “bottom line” is all that counts. Why not in the case of recreational drugs ? The bottom line here is the potential for taxation and savings on police time. The savings and income would be immense. It might go some way to compensate for the losses in tourism…..

    Location : malaga

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