EL Saltillo de Malaga, a hanging bridge connecting Canillas de Aceituno and Sedella, celebrates its first anniversary with more than 50,000 visitors having crossed its paths in 12 months.

Spanning the province of Malaga, La Gran Senda de Malaga spectacular new attraction in the natural area known as El Saltillo has drawn thousands of hiking enthusiasts to the area in the last year.

Stretching the breadth of the river Almanchares, it is one of the longest hanging bridges in Spain, coming in at 54 meters long and hanging a giddy 79 meters above the ground.

According to Francisco Salado, the president of the Provincial Council, the bridge has become in one year ‘one of the main natural attractions of the province’.

“El Saltillo bridge has served to enhance the value of one of the most rugged and beautiful areas of our land, as is the Upper Axarquia.” Salado said.

Additionally, the stream of hill-walking aficionados to the area has brought a much needed boost to the local economy.

In fact, the route has led to the economic revitalisation of the area and has increased the turnover of businesses by up to 60%.

“In this first year we can say that we have achieved the objective of revitalising a natural area that deserved to be rediscovered by the people of Malaga and El Saltillo de Malaga has become a major attraction for all visitors,” Salado added.

The trail that leads to El Saltillo de Malaga makes for a great day trip for the whole family and is considered one of the best walks in Andalucia.

The hanging bridge forms part of La Gran Senda de Malaga, a pioneering trail in Andalucia that passes through a national park, three natural parks, two natural reserves and three areas of natural beauty, spanning nine different regions and 57 municipalities in the province.


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