IF a book before bedtime helps whisk you off to the most beautiful and bizarre parts of your imagination, then you’ll be spoilt for choice at this Spanish literary hub, which was just voted as one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world. 

Located in the historic centre of Lleida, west Catalunya, kooky book store La Sabateria has hosted aspiring writers and booklovers in quiet nooks and cosy corners since 2017. 

The store used to be an artisan shoe shop – and today the bookshop pays homage to the old shoemaker’s trade with its ‘chaotically ordered’ bookshelf. 

Owner of La Sabateria Estefania Rene used to pass the shoemaker’s shop every day as a young girl and after 15 years working in another bookstore in Lleida, she knew the artisan’s old store was the perfect place to open her own business. 

And her hard work has paid off – La Sabateria was voted number nine on a list of the world’s most beautiful bookshops. 

Since the list, compiled by Little Bookstores, was released Estefania says the number of visitors have soared. 

She said: “A lot of people are coming to see the bookstore, to ask questions and take pictures. 

“I hope that all interactions on social networks turn into visits to the premises.”

This is the list of the most beautiful little bookstores in the world

1. Book Truck: Japan

2. Massolit Books & Café: Budapest

3. Lebouquineur: Cordes-sur-Ciel

4. Shakespeare and Company: Paris

5. The Feminist Bookshop: Brighton, UK.

6. Armchair Books: Edinburgh

7. Brattle Book Shop: Boston

8. Falena: Buenos Aires

9. La Sabateria: Lleida


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