THE Miltary hospital in Sevilla Spain has discharged its last patient with coronavirus and is now COVID clear.

The Vigil de Quiñones Military Hospital in Sevilla, temporarily named the “Covid Emergency Hospital” (HEC) during the pandemic, discharged its last coronavirus patient on Sunday, November 7, leaving the facility COVID free. The hospital was reopened on February 1 2021 during the third wave of the pandemic as new cases skyrocketed, leaving hospitals in the province grappling to cope with the flood of admissions.

According to the Carlos III Health Institute, which advises the Spanish Ministry of Health, Sevilla is the fourth province of Spain that has registered fewer infections in the last two weeks.

As of Monday, November 8, the HEC only has patients admitted for standard medical treatment, although staff remain on alert in case a patient with coronavirus arrives again in the coming days or weeks. This is something that cannot be ruled out, despite the great progress of the vaccination campaign, which is mainly responsible for the fact that there are currently only twenty hospitalised patients in Sevilla with the disease.

The incidence rate in the province of Sevilla between October 21 and November 3 2021 was reported as 16 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, according to the latest update from the Spanish Ministry of Health, placing it at a ‘low risk’ level for coronavirus.


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