A SPANISH amateur athlete has smashed an incredible world record by pushing his mother in a wheelchair for 26 miles in under three hours.

Dedicated Eric Domingo Roldan pushed himself – and his mother Silvia – to the max, in order to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis. 

His spectacular effort at the Barcelona Marathon on Sunday broke the Guinness marathon record for pushing a wheelchair. 

Silvia and Eric soared across the finish line,  clocking a world record time of two hours 53 minutes and 28 seconds.

Eric averaged 4:07 per km or 6:37 per mile at the 42nd edition of the Zurich Maraton de Barcelona. 

It’s not the first time he raced with his mother, as the pair tried to beat the world record last year at the Sevilla Marathon.

His mother Silvia has lived with multiple sclerosis for the last 17 years, and she even survived a serious case of COVID-19 in August. 

“Last year (2020) we tried to break the Guinness marathon record pushing a wheelchair in the Seville marathon (2h58:40) and I failed and we did (3h00:30),” he said.

“But I made myself a promise: that this record would be named after my mother and multiple sclerosis.”

After beating the record, the amateur runner took to Instagram to share his elation: “WORLD RECORD – 02:53:28 HISTORY.

“I can’t believe we did a @guinnessworldrecords pushing mom’s wheelchair in a marathon.

“I have no words, it’s probably the best day of my life. We had a dream and we did it. But, as always, we weren’t alone, if it wasn’t for MY FAMILY and ALL THE SUPPORT That won’t be possible.

“Today, I can only say thank you. I made a promise and now it’s done.

“This is for my MOM. This is for MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. And this is for YOU, YES, YOU (every single human who has supported us).

“T H A N K Y O U.”


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