Man who stole a car in Malaga with a six-year-old boy in the back arrested


POLICE in Malaga have arrested a man who stole a car in Malaga that had a six-year-old boy in the back.

The Guardia Civil arrested a man after he stole a car in Almargen, in the province of Malaga, leaving the six-year-old boy at a Cepsa petrol station forecourt close to where the car was parked and driving off. The owners of the vehicle- and parents of the boy- apparently had parked in a loading and unloading area in the town.

While they left the car to pick up more goods the thief jumped into what he thought was an empty vehicle, with the keys left in the ignition, and sped off. According to sources, the man was later arrested at his home in the town of Prado del Rey, Cadiz, where officers also recovered the stolen vehicle. The man is being charged with theft of a vehicle and the abduction of a minor, a trial date is yet to be set.


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