THE Junta has put in motion the creation of the Commission of Guarantee and Evaluation—the body that will ultimately be in charge of giving the green light to the application of euthanasia.

In March of this year, Spain approved the euthanasia law, becoming the fifth country in the world to regulate the practice.

However, though the legislation came into force in three June, dying with dignity and without suffering in Andalucia has not been possible because the region had not set up the Commission of Guarantee and Evaluation for new euthanasia law.

The commission must be made up of five graduates in Medicine, five graduates in Law and three graduates in Nursing.

This Wednesday, November 10, the Junta has finally notified that they will prioritise the appointment of the 13 members of the commission.

According to the Right to Die with Dignity association (DMD), in Andalucia, there are already seven people who have submitted requests for dignity in death in the region.

DMD has heavily criticised the Junta for the delay in setting up the evaluation commission, which has meant a delay in the procedures for patients in the region who have already requested help to end their suffering.

Only Spanish nationals, legal residents, or holders of a registration certificate that proves a stay in Spanish territory of more than 12 months would qualify for the procedure.

Under the bill, minors would not be allowed to apply for the procedure.


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