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Euthanasia: What we know about assisted suicides within the first year since legalisation in Spain

ON the first anniversary of the introduction of an assisted suicide law in Spain, we take a look at the facts and figures to...

Spain’s Andalucia to set up Commission of Guarantee and Evaluation for new euthanasia law

THE Junta has put in motion the creation of the Commission of Guarantee and Evaluation—the body that will ultimately be in charge of giving...

EUTHANASIA DEBATE: Woman ‘ignored’ after asking to be painlessly killed in Spain’s Zaragoza takes own life

AN elderly woman crippled by a painful hip condition that left her bedridden in constant pain, has killed herself after her pleas for euthanasia...

Explainer: Euthanasia law in Spain comes into force

A NEW assisted suicide law came into effect on Friday, making Spain the fourth country in the European Union to legalise euthanasia.  Parliament gave final...

Spain backs euthanasia bid amid criticism from right wing politicians and Catholic Church

Details of the bill explain that the person in question must have an incurable illness or a chronic disability that renders life ‘unbearable

Over 1 million people in Spain sign petitions supporting euthanasia, to be put before Government on Friday

It comes after surveys have shown that 84% of Spain supports changing the legislation on euthanasia

WATCH: Man in Spain helps terminally ill wife with multiple sclerosis die before handing himself in to police

Hernandez is the first person to be arrested in Spain for assisting the death of a physically disabled person

‘World’s saddest elephant’ dies in Spain’s Andalucia after 43 years in solitary confinement at zoo

It follows a 47-month decline in her health, before the zoo announced her death ‘with great sadness’ on March 1

Spanish parliament takes further steps to legalise euthanasia in Spain

The Socialist party proposal aims to make euthanasia a personal right available through both public and private services in Spain

Euthanasia of healthy animals at rescue shelters to be banned in Costa del Sol town

It comes after local support groups put forward the proposal to Estepona town hall in a bid to protect healthy domestic animals

Landmark euthanasia bill in Andalucia

Region becomes first in Spain to approve historical ruling

Dying with dignity

FEW subjects arouse as much controversy orheated debate as does euthanasia. Almost everyone, when probed, has a stance on the issue. Perhaps we can...





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