RIP: Flavia, the ‘world’s saddest elephant’ has died at Cordoba Zoo

FLAVIA, known as ‘the saddest elephant in the world’, has died aged 47 in Cordoba Zoo.

She arrived at the zoo in 1976 after being separated from her herd at just three years old, and after that suffered depression and severe weight loss.

The Indian elephant was put down after collapsing and being unable to get back to her feet.

TRIBUTE: Cordoba City Hall speak of their sadness at Flavia’s death

It follows a 47-month decline in her health, before the zoo announced her death ‘with great sadness’ on March 1.

Amparo Pernichi, Delegate for the Environment at Cordoba City Hall said: “Her death is a tremendous blow in general for the zoo family.”

Animal right group Pacma campaigned to try and move Flavia to another zoo where she could interact with other elephants.

However after her death, the group said the elephant had come to ‘the worst ending’.

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