ESPIONAGE: North Korea’s Madrid embassy was raided last month

POLICE in Spain suspect ‘political espionage’ was behind attack on the North Korean embassy in Madrid.

The South Korean consulate has been approached as part of the investigation into why a group of masked men broke into the building and beat up staff.

A ‘military cell’ entered the embassy on February 22 and tied up eight people inside before escaping in stolen diplomatic cars.

A source close to the investigation told El Pais: “They carried fake firearms and held them for two hours.”

The men are also alleged to have stolen mobile phones, computers and documents.

ON WAY OUT: Ambassador Kim Hyok Chol was expelled in 2017

Police are looking into whether the stolen computers contained top secret files left behind by the former North Korean ambassador to Spain, Kim Hyok Chol.

Investigators believe those behind the attack were professionals who ‘knew what they were looking for.’

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