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Slender Health Nutrition is the Costa del Sol company specialising in diabetes management, menopause management and weight loss

Slender Health Nutrition also offers help with digestive issues, hormonal problems, skin problems, fatigue, sleep problems and much more

‘World’s saddest elephant’ dies in Spain’s Andalucia after 43 years in solitary confinement at zoo

It follows a 47-month decline in her health, before the zoo announced her death ‘with great sadness’ on March 1

EXCLUSIVE: Real Housewives of Cheshire celeb launches weight loss injection in Marbella

Ampika Pickston has created the Skinny Revolution - a drug injected into the stomach which aims to slim waistlines

Cambridge Weight Plan Espana announces new managing director

Weight loss programme set to expand in Spain

Spanish obesity to be tackled by two new weight-loss treatments

Liraglitude and Naitrexona-Bupropion are going to be available from 2016

Seven years, 30,000kg down!

Naturhouse diet plan enables customers to use healthy eating practices to lose weight and learn how to sustain that weight loss

Losing weight increases chance of depression

Research has found people who lose weight are more prone to depression

Eat chocolate to stay slim

Granada researchers discover higher chocolate intake linked to lower levels of fat

Weeding makes you wee

A spot of pruning, digging or mowing in your free time could help you stay trim

Love your love handles

With the holiday season just around the corner you should be proud to show off your spare tyre

Boot the bulge into touch

The five-day boot camp will not only help you lose weight... it might just change your life




Here’s how people across Spain celebrated International Women’s Day

Hundreds of events have taken place across the country to celebrate International Women's Day. Protests have been held, with many taking place virtually or with...