HEALTHY eating and weight loss specialists Naturhouse is celebrating seven years in Gibraltar, and a total weight loss of 30,000kg to date.

DIET: Naturhouse is celebrating a total weight loss of 30,000kg to date
DIET: Products are 100% natural

The Naturhouse diet plan enables customers to use healthy eating practices to lose weight and learn how to sustain that weight loss.

It is proven to give you more energy, better sleep patterns and more mobility.

In fact, many clients have successfully reduced blood pressure, cholesterol levels, water retention, symptoms of menopause,  IBS and general well being.

The diet is easy to follow with no measuring or weight involved, while all products are 100% natural, ensuring a steady weight loss.

The expert nutritionist offers a weekly face-to-face service, with advice, tips and meal plans.

Why not call and make an appointment? Especially since there’s a new Loyalty Card on offer.