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Spain’s Malaga to host 1st Andalucian celiac awareness day on May 26

Spain’s Malaga to host 1st Andalucian celiac awareness day on May 26

Avoid the gym: How to get fit in your living room or in Spain’s great outdoors

Wanna avoid COVID? There are so many online fitness options to help get your body in shape after the festive excesses, writes Jo Chipchase

Adding extra olive oil to your diet could reduce risk of dying from heart disease and cancer, study finds

EXTRA virgin olive oil could crush cancer, according to ground-breaking research. A team of American scientists discovered that more than half a tablespoon of olive...

Spain’s Mediterranean diet crowned healthiest nutritional plan IN THE WORLD

Eating a Mediterranean diet could also help preserve kidney function in thousands of patients who have already had transplants

An Ayurvedic detox diet can help you bounce back from winter bingeing, writes Andalucia-based chef Manna Teji

Although fasting is one of the best detox methods – and one that I use regularly – we can achieve similar results just by simplifying our diet

Is Iodine an Important Nutrient?

Health experts always recommend that we include foods that contain iodine in our daily diet. Pregnant mothers are often given supplements that contain the...

We’re only human… just

OUR bodies are covered in microscopic creatures, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Not surprisingly the vast majority of this microscopic life resides in our...

Doctor called in to help podgy population lose weight in a Spanish town

A SPANISH town is full of so many fat people that a doctor has been drafted in to help them shed the weight. Naron...

Andalucia the fattest region in Spain after study reveals almost 50% of Spaniards overweight

ANDALUCIA has been labelled the fattest region in Spain in a new study on obesity.  The study revealed more than 47% of Spaniards aged 18...

Top tips to help relieve IBS pain

IRRITABLE bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic, relapsing and often life-long condition which affects over four million people in the UK. Whilst not technically...

Marbella chef Bettina Campolucci-Bordi launches DIY seven day vegan challenge

Marbella’s Bettina Campolucci-Bordi, whose animal-free recipes turned her life around, has teamed up with UK health food chain Planet Organic to offer her seven-day challenge

Eating fish linked to avoiding diabetes

It lowers the risk of contracting type two diabetes

Tips for keeping the weight off in summer

We find all kind of obstacles when it comes to keeping in shape

Wishful shrinking

New Year fitness fads are for ‘losers’ and I don’t mean weight …

Bellota and serrano jamon carry no health risk, says Spanish expert

Dr Carlos Alberto Gonzalez was responding to October’s WHO report

Spanish children’s health hit by eating alone, study says

Eating alone could damage kids’ health

Seven years, 30,000kg down!

Naturhouse diet plan enables customers to use healthy eating practices to lose weight and learn how to sustain that weight loss

Over 7,000 attend sustainable lifestyle fair in Malaga

Promoting local producers and tradesman, the huge turnout confirmed booming consumer demand for healthy, responsible produce in Spain

How to beat the top food crimes

Your guide to staying healthy

Spanish students shun the Mediterranean diet

Students across Spain are failing... to get enough Med in their diets

Sunshine makes you slimmer, according to UK university study

Just a stroll in the sun can help fight flab

Artificial sweeteners may cause diabetes, says new study

Diet drinks also allegedly disrupt the body's ability to regulate blood sugar

Mediterranean diet could reduce risk of heart-related illnesses by 30%

New Spanish trial cut short after 'amazing' results

Fighting the fat cats in Spain

Podgy felines face serious health risks, despite their cute appearance

Cancer on the rise

The number of people with cancer is expected to grow in Spain by 30 per cent in the next 10 years

How the stars keep a bikini body

Does the Blood Group Diet really work?




NASA images show the dramatic impact of the ongoing drought in Spain: Andalucia and its olive groves are among...

A STARTLING report by NASA has illustrated the drought enveloping Spain - and in particular the olive groves of Andalucia, the world’s leading olive...


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