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Tips for keeping the weight off in summer

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scalessss KEEPING the weight off is not only related to aesthetics, above all, it is a health issue.

Altering our routine in summer is very common, especially as far as eating habits are concerned. When we are on Holidays,  we find all kind of obstacles when it comes to keeping in shape.  This is the time of the year when we relax and even if we spent the rest of the year to keep our size at bay, maintaining the results achieved it’s not an easy task.

Precisely for this reason, the efforts we made during the rest of the year should not be abandoned and thrown overboard.

One of the most important details to consider if we want to control our weight, while enjoying ourselves, is having a good breakfast.  Even if our eating times change, we should not skip the first meal of the day.  Ideally we should make have a  complete breakfast, providing us with energy and including carbohydrates, fruit, low-fat or soya dairy productsmed diet, as well as olive oil.

By mid-morning, it is also advisable to have a small snack, preferably fruit.  The good habit of eating fresh foods should continue especially in summer.  Fruit is one of the best options to replenish fluids, vitamins and minerals.  And they are low in calories.

Salads are another option that will be of great help at this time of the year. If we choose to have them as a starter, they should be lighter. As a main course, we could add a carbohydrate like brown rice, potatoes or pasta.  Another ingredient if we wish to add protein could be eggs or some white meat such as chicken or turkey.  Nuts or cheese are another good option.

It is very important to avoid cravings during the day, because all we will do then is diving into the fridge as soon as we get the chance.  Ideally, we should eat every three or four hours, small amounts.

Desserts: the great temptation.  During our holidays we become more relaxed with sweets, especially ice creams.  These are not advised against, especially if they are of good quality, provided we have them in moderation. Let’s not forget that they are very sugary and contain fats, which increase calories.  Sorbets, frappes or fresh juices are preferable alternatives.

You need to be careful with alcohol consumption.  We are not always aware of the calories in drinks, neither that they are “empty” calories directly stored as fat.  Drink with moderation.  Beware of hangovers that inevitably awake our desire of glucose intake.

Practising some exercise is the best way to compensate for holiday excesses. Good weather invites us to daily strolls and if we walk along the sea shore, we will help tone our legs and help improve our blood circulation.

For more information or to see a specialist, visit: http://www.clinicaochoa.com/es/

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