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Warning over fasting: Most popular meal-skipping plan could increase the risk of cardiovascular death by 91%, according to new study

A POPULAR meal-skipping plan could increase the risk of cardiovascular death by 91% according to new research. 

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This popular dieting technique has been lauded by many health ‘experts’, but now a new study has revealed fasting could incur serious risks. 

Fasting for 16 hours has been linked to 91% more risk of cardiovascular death in comparison with those who eat within a 12-16 hour window. 

Those who fast limit the eating time to four to twelve hours, often spend the majority of the day without eating anything. 

Eating during an eight hour interval and fasting for 16 is the most popular version of intermittent fasting.

However, research carried out by the United States Heart Association has warned that fasting for this long, even if you sleep during this time, could be dangerous. 

Part of the University of Chicago, the ‘Scientific Lifestyle Sessions’ concluded that ‘we don’t know the long term effects of restricting the time you eat, including the impact it can have on cardiovascular health.’

Previously research had shown that fasting can reduce blood pressure as well levels of sugar and cholesterol.

Now, a study using over 20,000 US adults has found fasting for 16 hours or more increases the risk of cardiovascular death by 91%. 

It also found that fasting is not associated with living longer. 

Researchers say they were ‘surprised’ by the findings. 

The risk of death was higher in participants who had a history of cardiovascular issues or cancer. 

The study concluded that although there was a correlation, there was no direct link between fasting and cardiovascular issues. 

They also stated that while fasting may have ‘short term benefits’, it could have ‘adverse effects in the long term’.

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