A SPANISH town is full of so many fat people that a doctor has been drafted in to help them shed the weight.

Naron near Galicia in northwestern Spain launched an initiative that will see 39,426 residents lose a collective 100,000 kilos – 100 tonnes – over two years.

Doctor Carlos Pineiro – who is in charge of the project – has set up healthy eating plans in local health centres while restaurants will offer healthy menus.

It comes as obesity affects nearly 20% of the population, with 6 out of 10 people overweight in the town.

“In 10-year-olds, obesity has gone up two points and overweight five points, which increases the likelihood of those suffering from chronic diseases,” he said, “We want to correct this.”

The plan, which was launched on January 25, aims to donate the equivalent of kilos lost in food to local NGO Solidarity Resource Center Narón.

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