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Child helpline says over half of its ‘suicidal callers’ don’t get proper treatment in Spain

A national helpline for children says only 44% of depressed callers aged between 13 and 17 get proper psychological care. That's the conclusion of a...

Anxiety and Depression – why you shouldn’t try to solve them

By WENDY ANDERSEN Problem solving is what we do.  All of us.  Even the idiots. Our brains see things that aren’t right, and automatically begin...

DIFFICULT TIMES: Depression and anxiety at all time high across Spain’s Malaga thanks to COVID-19

NO one can honestly downplay the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the social landscape across Spain. And almost all can agree the past...

Study reveals that over 50% of teachers in Spain suffer anxiety or depression due to COVID-19

A STUDY has revealed that teachers in Spain show clear symptoms of anxiety because of COVID-19 and the return to the classroom. 54% of teachers...

Eating ultra-processed Spanish chorizo, cereals and pastries increases depression risk by 33%, study warns

Those who consumed ultra-processed foods were a third more likely to suffer depression

‘World’s saddest elephant’ dies in Spain’s Andalucia after 43 years in solitary confinement at zoo

It follows a 47-month decline in her health, before the zoo announced her death ‘with great sadness’ on March 1

Let’s talk mental health: Why teenage suicide in UK and Spain is on the rise and what parents can...

The Olive Press investigates the surge in teenage depression and the role social media plays in self-harming

Depression causes one in four sick days in Spain

The condition was responsible for 24.4% of lost work days last month in the south European region, which also includes Portugal and Italy

Spanish psychiatrists identify behavioural trait with suicide risk

A study found those who demonstrated signs of agitation, impulsive or ‘risky’ behaviour were 40% more likely to attempt suicide

Spanish mother suffering post-natal depression thought to have killed her British partner, two children and herself in Gibraltar

Anarda de la Cardiac Perez Friman is believed to have been 'suffering from post-natal depression' at the time of the attack

Losing weight increases chance of depression

Research has found people who lose weight are more prone to depression

Are you feeling down?

Dr Raymond Prats looks at the symptoms of depression, what treatment is available and how to seek help in tackling the illness

Nature is best for depression sufferers in Spain

Research suggests walking in natural environments can lift your spirits and boost concentration

Food for thought

Junk food can cause depression, according to new study

Dangerous prescription-only drug available over the counter in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Controversial anti-smoking drug Champix is widely available over the counter, despite suicide risk

Vitamin D helps fight depression in children

Children with high levels of vitamin D are 10 per cent less likely to suffer from depression




Skiing in Spain’s Sierra Nevada: How the ‘Costa del Ski’ is perfect for Christmas card snowscapes and adrenaline-pumping thrills

"THERE’S no way I’m skiing down that. I’ll walk up, get my ski and take the lift down," insisted my Olive Press colleague, looking...


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