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A SPANISH woman found dead alongside her two children and British partner in Gibraltar is thought to have killed her family before taking her own life.

Anarda de la Cardiac Perez Friman, 37, is believed to have been ‘suffering from post-natal depression’ at the time of the attack, reports the Sunday Express.

It is thought that Friman suffered a ‘psychotic incident’ which led to her stabbing her British partner John Shannon, 31, from Liverpool, before taking the lives of her two daughter, four and six weeks old.

Shannon’s body was reportedly found with ‘defensive wounds’ which implies he was trying to protect the children while Friman attacked him.

The couple and the two children, Eve Shannon Perez and Amanda Kristofferson, were found dead in a flat on Boschetti’s steps by an Australian family friend who works with Shannon’s father.

The family had previously been living in Estepona and were staying in their friends flat before flying to the UK to live.

Police who attended the scene described it as ‘horrific’ and are now being offered counselling.

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