Sierras and Real Bermeja in Estepona
Sierras and Real Bermeja in Estepona

PLANS are under way to double the amount of protected land in Malaga province by January 2016.

The Junta announced that six new ‘special conservation areas’ will be added to the province’s 80,000 hectares of protected land.

These include the Sierras and Real Bermeja in Estepona, the Sierra Blanca in Marbella, the Camarolos mountains between the Axarquia and Antequera, the Genal river valley in Ronda, the Sierra Blanquilla in Yunquera and the Corbones River which borders Sevilla province.



  1. My thoughts exactly Stefanjo. I wondered how long it will take the Junta de Andalucia to get into bed with the so called ecologists again. Like all “anti” groups, no legislation is ever far reaching enough for them and they constantly demand more and more restrictions. Next step will be to make all the Axarquia a protected area – to think that people actually voted this lot in again, I despair.

  2. In most countries any such retrospective laws on land reclassification affecting existing houses would not apply, but of course in Spain, where the law is poorly constructed and even more poorly implemented, anything is possible.

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