TUCKING into a hamburger or hotdog could be just as bad for your mental health as your physical health, according to a new study.

Spanish researchers discovered those who ate junk food regularly were 51 per cent more likely to develop depression, compared to those who ate little or none.

The study – conducted by the universities of Granada and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – comprised 8,964 participants who had never been diagnosed with depression or taken anti-depressants.

They were assessed for an average of six months and 493 were diagnosed with depression or started to take anti-depressants.

“The more fast food you consume, the greater the risk of depression,” said researcher Almudena Sanchez-Villegas.

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  1. Few people would defend burger joints, but this “study” seems a bit iffy. First, which “fast food”. Pizza? Burgers? Fish and chips? Butties? Tapas? Black pudding? Pigs Trotters? Maybe, if almost nine thousand people were followed, perhaps the same five hundred of them would get depressed without chowing down on “junk food” In fact, this study makes me so fed up, I’m going for a burger…

  2. This study is total JibberJobber …..

    The universities of Granada and Las Palmas, GC can never undertake a study of named dimensions unless they opened a MacD on campus and even then they certainly would lack the resources, manpower and knowhow …..

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