PEDRO Sanchez and his new socialist Government have approved a draft bill to decriminalise euthanasia.

The move would see Spain join seven other countries, where assisted suicide is not currently a criminal offence.

It comes after years of opposition from the Catholic Church and right wing conservative parties Partido Popular and Vox.

The ruling PSOE party, along with the centre-right Ciudadanos, discussed the bill with legislators, eventually voting in favour of decriminalisation by 208 to 140.

Catalan and Basque regional parties also backed the bill, meaning that Spain could move in line with the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

HELP: A video of Angel Hernandez (right) went viral after he assisted the death of his wife, Maria Jose Carrasco (left), who had multiple sclerosis.

Public polling in Spain has shown that 89% of the population support being able to apply to end a life under the country’s healthcare system.

Spanish law currently dictates that any doctor or family member found guilty of euthanasia can face up to 10 years in prison for homicide. 

Details of the bill explain that the person in question must have an incurable illness or a chronic disability that renders life ‘unbearable.’

Any application must be made in writing and duplicated four days later, and provisions can be made to transfer power of attorney if the patient is incapacitated.

Maria Luisa Carcedo, a Socialist MP and former health minister explained that the bill would be ‘very specific in order for it to not be misused.’

The bill has angered the Catholic Church, which has twice before managed to get previous bills thrown out of court.

The Partido Popular is also strongly against the bill, wanting to instead focus on palliative care.

Some medical professionals are also concerned that they will have to go against their beliefs and assist in ending a patient’s life.

“We have a responsibility to preserve life and respect the autonomy of the patient.” said President of the Ethics Committee of the Organisation of the Medical Colleges.

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