HELP: A video of Angel Hernandez (right) went viral after he assisted the death of his wife, Maria Jose Carrasco (left), who had multiple sclerosis

OVER 1 million people have signed petitions in support of euthanasia in Spain.

The Spanish Government, which is still struggling to sign power-sharing deals, will be presented with the requests for change on July 19.

Signatories of petitions are requesting that the law be changed to decriminalise ‘assisted dying’, as it is sometimes known.

INSPIRED: Marcos Hourmann, a doctor, set up his petition after seeing Maria Jose Carrasco die

A doctor, Marcos Hourmann, set up a petition after the video of a man who helped his wife with multiple sclerosis die, went viral.

Angel Hernandez filmed himself giving his wife, Maria Jose Carrasco, a lethal substance, which she consented to drink on camera.

It comes after surveys have shown that 84% of Spain supports changing the legislation on euthanasia.

“Support remains stable through time and across ideologies, with barely a bump when it touches on religious beliefs,” said Rafael Serrano del Rosal, a researcher at the Institute of Advanced Social Studies at the Superior Scientific Council.

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