Woman climber dies after falling almost 100 meters in the Tajo de Ronda


A GERMAN tourist died after suffering a fall while practicing climbing on the Via Ferrata del Tajo de Ronda, in the province of Malaga, on Friday, November 12, according to a report by Emergency services 112.

The woman, 61, fell in the vicinity of one of the two via ferratas that are located in the Tagus. The Provincial Fire Brigade Consortium (CPB) of Malaga, said that the deceased was seriously injured after falling from a height of approximately 100 metres at around 11am.

The emergency services, the Local Police, the National Police and the CPB of Malaga were quickly at the scene after being alerted to the tragedy by locals. Once there, paramedics managed to revive her and hook her up to a monitor in the ambulance. Unfortunately however, she went into cardiorespiratory arrest and died despite efforts to save her. A helicopter had been despatched for her transfer to a local hospital but it was too late.

According to reports, the woman seemed to fallen from the beginning of the old via ferrata (protected climbing route) of the Tagus which is near to the Guadalevín river. This famous gorge has two ferrata’s: the first starts about 50 meters from the Arco del Cristo; and the oldest, a little deeper in the gorge. Both offer routes of about 60 meters. There are many companies, local and from all over Andalucia, that include these activities in their programs and defend their safety.

“It is very difficult to fall. When you climb you have two trunks that are anchored to the lifeline, which is a steel cable, which is on the left, and it seems that those two trunks were anchored to her belt, to her harness, they stay there when they are not used ”, explained a spokesperson from one of the companies, who also stressed that although the via ferratas are generally used under the guidance of professionals, there are also many people who traverse them on their own, especially foreigners.

An investigation has been launched into the cause of the accident.


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