??TWO young children and a woman found dead inside a burnt-out house may have been killed in a murder-suicide.

The family home in the El Alquian neighborhood of Almeria has been turned into a crime scene after the fire raged through one of the rooms in the home on Wednesday morning (November 17). 

Three ‘charred’ bodies were discovered by the 12-strong crew from Almeria Fire Department shortly after midnight.  

The blaze at the property on Calle Euro in the city was started deliberately, according to police.

Local reports said the fire was no accident and there was a bed found blocking the door inside the room where the bodies were discovered. 

Firefighters had to ‘tear down the door’ to the room as the bed was ‘blocking’ the entry from the inside. The ‘three charred bodies’ were then discovered inside. 

Authorities are investigating all causes including whether the fire was a murder-suicide. 

Neighbours said a mother, believed to be of sub-Saharan origin, and two young children had lived at the house along with the father who was working as a truck driver at the time of the blaze. 


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