THE Comisiones Obreras union (CCOO) and the Pepos Andalucia Association are calling for emotional support dogs to be legally recognised in the same way as guide dogs.

The aim is to have a legislation that will allow women to take their support dogs with them wherever they go, like service dogs, a classification that guarantees the dogs entry into any space.

Currently, emotional support dogs don’t have the same legal rights as guide dogs meaning they can be turned away from shops and other public places where dogs aren’t granted access, including flights and certain rented accommodation.

The CCOO together with the Pepos Andalucia Association (a non-profit organisation which offers help to victims of gender violence, with the support of a dog specially trained for their protection) have requested local and provincial institutions to consider escort dogs for victims of gender violence as guide dogs, a step towards making it easier for trained dogs to accompany abused women at all times.

Clara Castarnado, head of Women’s Affairs at CCOO Granada, has said that this type of action represents another way to fight against gender violence and adds to the work carried out on a daily basis to improve the rights and protection of victims.

Castarnado stressed the importance of dedicating resources to this type of prevention programmes and comprehensive care for victims of gender violence and said that CCOO, together with Pepos Andalucia, will work at local and provincial level to ensure that support dogs are recognised in the same way as guide dogs, thus permitting the canines to be with their owners at all times.


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