YOU can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, and you can’t make the perfect Spanish tortilla without inevitably making a mess in a pan at least a few times.

If your tortilla game needs a little fine-tuning, one chef has shared a daring way of ensuring your dish wows guests next time they are round at your casa.

The culinary whizz behind the viral hack suggests you use a whopping 57 eggs in your tortilla.

Although the video is from 2014, it has re-emerged on social networks as TikTokers take on the culinary challenge.

The chef pretends the pan is too heavy and nearly falls to his knees under the weight of the giant pan.

But in the last minute, he completes the perfect flip – and youngsters on TikTok have been scrambling to try their own 57-egg omlettes.

Since uploading the hilarious trick, the video has received over 184,604 views, 521 likes and over 20 comments.

One comment reads: “Epic, monumental, wonderful, spectacular, mind-blowing, sparkling, thunderous, magnificent.”

Another wrote: “Why have I never thought to poach an egg like that?! That is genius.”

A thrid replied: “I’m lovin ‘it. I will give it a crack.…”

However some disagreed that the tortilla is cooked with some saying that using so many eggs spoils the dish.

Either way, the end result looked absolutely delicious.


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