DRIVERS have been warned to be careful when they take to the roads after the bank holiday break as heavy snow is forecast across much of the northern half of Spain.

Known as the December ‘puente’ when Spain has national holidays on December 6 to mark Constitution Day and December 8 for the Immaculate Conception, many workers also take off the day in between.

This year authorities estimate that some eight million Spaniards will be travelling over the holidays, and warn that road conditions could be difficult as a cold front sweeps across the peninsula bringing ice and snow.

Spain’s traffic directorate, the DGT, is advising those taking to the road in the northern half of the country to consider returning before the worst of the weather hits on Wednesday.

Snow is expected to fall in the mountainous areas of the Cantabrian Mountains, Pyrenees, Iberian System and Central System and also across the high plateaus of Castilla y Leon and Aragon.

DGT advises drivers to avoid all non-essential road journeys when weather warnings are in place. It warned that during 2019, around 10% of road accidents resulting in loss of life occured during rain, snow and hail.

The latest weather hotspots are highlighted by the DGT so keep up to date before you make a journey.


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