THE MAYOR of Torremolinos has reminded residents that the rules have changed when it comes to New Years’ Eve celebrations in the Costa del Sol town this year.

On Wednesday mayor Margarita del Cid signed a bill that prohibits the use of fireworks in the area. 

The bill depicts that people in Torremolinos will not be allowed to set off fireworks on New Year’s Eve, with some exceptions.

One of these exceptions is if the fireworks have been officially authorised by the City Council. 

It is now forbidden for anyone in Torremolinos to carry lit fuses or shoot firecrackers, rockets, or any kind of pyrotechnic articles that can produce noise or fires. 

The council is hoping that the changes to the rules on fireworks will make it safer for residents during New Year’s Eve and the rest of the year.

Mayor Margarita del Cid said: “The goal of the bill is to ensure the safety and tranquility of children with autism spectrum disorder, babies, the elderly and animals in the urban environment as well as residents and visitors in Torremolinos. 

“These are holidays, but we must take care of each other. 

“We must ensure that no celebration ends up turning into a nightmare.” 


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