A LUCKY cat owes one of its nine lives to a Spanish firefighter who revived it with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Fire crews in Cadiz rescued the cat from a burning apartment after a blaze broke out on Calle Infante de Orleans shortly after 3am on Tuesday. 

One of the firemen began performing mouth-to-mouth on the animal as he carried it outside.

A video shows the caring firefighter bent over, helping to revive the cat. 

No humans were injured in the fire but three people were taken to hospital to receive treatment for smoke inhalation. 

Firefighters raced to the scene on Calle Infante de Orleans following early morning reports of flames coming from the fourth floor of a 13-storey block. 

Some 200 litres of water were needed to stop the blaze as neighbours looked on in horror.

Police have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the blaze but early inquires suggest a heater in the bedroom was to blame.

According to the Fire Department, the flames tore through one of the rooms inside a flat on the fourth floor and the rest of the home is badly damaged by smoke. 


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