THREE avocado rustlers have been caught red-handed stealing 150 kilos of the fruit from a Costa Blanca farm.

It was part of an overall haul of three tons taken by the fruit robbers.

The Guardia Civil stepped up rural patrols after a sharp spike in fruit thefts in 2021.

They caught the Spanish trio ‘in the act’ as they picked avocados from trees at a La Nucia farm.

AVOCADO EXAMINATION(Guardia Civil image)

The stolen avocados were seized by the Guardia as well as the van that was going to transport them away.

Inquiries revealed that a man and two women had helped themselves to three tons of the fruit from Marina Baixa farms, which were then sold at local markets.

A 46-year-old man ran the operation and has been arrested and charged with seven counts of theft and running a criminal gang.

His two female assistants are still being investigated.


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