HOME and garden giant Leroy Merlin are the latest to jump onto a new craze for prefabricated houses in Spain.

The perks are clear: for as little as €5,000 you could own your own home.

The new prefabricated houses from Leroy Merlin are also modular, meaning you can keep on building and expanding.

It’s a revolutionary way to live with vastly reduced expenditure.

They offer a life-changing opportunity for people without funds to buy a whole house, but enough to at least get them out of the cycle of paying rent.

They’re also a great option for anyone thinking of building an outhouse or chill-out zone.

The new offers from Leroy Merlin even come with guarantees up to five years.

Of course, the downsides are clear: only one of the basic houses exceeds 20m2 living space.

But, hey, you bought a house for €5,000. What did you expect?

(You’ll also have to pay extra to have a Leroy Merlin specialist actually build the house after delivery.)

Below are the latest designs on offer.

Eco Lodge €9,567

Eco Lodge

This prefabricated house is made of Scandinavian pine, and has a size of 18,14m2.

The windows are all double-glazed are floor-to-ceiling, offering ample lamp.

The Eco Lodge is well insulated and costs €9,567 for the basic model with a guarantee of three years.

Studio €11,999

Caseta De Madera Studio 0

This new offering is made of Norwegian spruce, and well insulated walls to keep warm during winter.

The house has a glass French window and PVC windows.

The floor space covers 19,57m2 and the prefabricated house is yours for €11.999.

Eco Lodge Caseta de Madera €10,881

Eco Lodge 24 M2

This Eco Lodge is the largest prefabricated house on offer, with 24,7m2.

The lodge is made of Scandinavian pine and comes with a basic price of €10,881.

The house is modular and can be fitted up as your primary home.

Eco Lodge Caseta de Madera €7,701

Eco Lodge 11 M2

This Eco Lodge is the smallest of the range, with just 11m2.

But like any of the other prefabricated houses it is modular and can be expanded.

Yours for €7,701.

Barbados Caseta de Madera €6,999

Caseta De Madera Barbados

This prefabricated house is made from spruce and a floor space of 20,41m2.

The house enjoys two doors, four front windows and one window to the side.

Yours for €6,999 and a 5-year guarantee.

Dorset Caseta de madera €4,449

Casa Dorset

The cheapest basic model of the range is the Dorset wooden house, at just €4,449.

The floor space is only 10m2 and only accounts for a bedroom, studio or chill-out zone.

This prefabricated house comes with a 5-year guarantee.


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