A SPANISH YouTuber has won almost €90,000 in a virtual competition inspired by Netflix’s Squid Game that has broken viewing records.

The six day event involving 12 matches was organized by two of Spain’s most famous youtubers, El Rubius and AuronPlay and was live streamed on the Twitch platform.

Squidcraft 2
All 150 Spanish-speaking contestans

The tournament brought together all the top Spanish-speaking content creators, setting a new record in terms of audience.

During the first day of the ‘Squid Game Minecraft’ it officially became the most watched Twitch Rival – which describes a competition between streamers made through the platform) in the history of the channel.

The official account of the Twitch Rivals platform uploading the conditions and the video presentation of the games.

More than two million spectators tuned in to watch the live streams, which maintained an average attendance of one million, breaking the previous record by more than 200.000 viewers.

eSports sharing the update of the games in their platform

Some 150 participants fought it out in this pseudo ‘life and death’ competition to win biggest prize to this date, a whopping $100,000 (€89,480).

OllieGamerz, whose real name is Sergio Carbonell, a 26-year-old from Murcia, was the one to win the huge prize plus over 2,000 subscribers on Twitch.

Squidcraft Ollie
OllieGamerz, 26-year-old from Murcia

A 30-year-old from Lugo in Spain’s Galicia region, ElXokas (Joaquin Dominguez), came in second place but became the most followed streamer with peaks of one million live viewers.

Squid Craft Elxokas
ElXokas, 30-year-old from Lugo

The competition included tests designed on those from the Squid Game series, from Green light, red light to the ropes or the glass bridge, also adding other local challenges like hide and seek, the chair game and the hot potato.


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