A MARBELLA couple were handcuffed and searched as police raided a suspected Amsterdam-style cannabis cafe on the Costa del Sol. 

The pair were among the 20 people who were quized by officers from the Policia Nacional and Marbella’s Policia Local taskforce in a major pre-planned operation at the cafe on San Pedro Alcantara on January 25. 

Officers gained access to the cafe and cut off exit routes from the back and battered down from front entrance.

Investigators arrested a man and a woman, aged 35 and 38, under the suspicion that their cafe allegedly functioned as a drug sales point. 

With tables and chairs dotted outside the cafe appeared to be another nondescript coffee shop. However concerned neighbours raised the alarm after noticing an increase in the consumption of narcotic substances in the downtown area of San Pedro Alcantara. 

Agents launched an investigation and detected a high number of people who arrived to the premises, accessed the cafe and left in a matter of minutes. 

Police monitored the vicinity of the property being monitored and made several marijuana arrests among the regulars at the ‘coffee shop’, which confirmed the initial suspicions.

Some  11 kilos of marijuana, 2,300 grams of hashish and  2,407 joints were seized in the raid. 

Officers also uncovered €2,311 in cash and various computer equipment inside the cafe.


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