A CHINESE national has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a thief at a Bazar in Spain’s Valencia city.

The shop worker discovered a pair of garden shears hidden in the thief’s clothing, before wounding him in the back and head and kicking him while on the floor.

At least three workers were involved in the assault at a bazar on Valencia’s Calle Pinto Zariñena on the evening of February 16.

A 20-year-old man operating the cash register initially told Policia Nacional how a security camera had caught the thief slipping a pair of garden shears into his clothing.

The man confronted the alleged thief, before claiming he was attacked along with his two parents before the thief fled the scene.

When agents found the suspected thief he admitted to attempting to steal the garden shears.

However, his testimony claimed he fled the shop to attend a health centre due to wounds suffered during a savage beating.

Policia Nacional agents investigated the shop’s security cameras once more, discovering the young Chinese worker and his two parents had attacked the thief and kicked him after he fell to the ground.

The worker’s father was seen using the garden shears to bash the thief on the back and in the head.

The father, a Chinese national, was arrested on charges of assault.


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