GIBRALTAR has banned Russian aircraft from its airspace and Russian boats from its port in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine. 

The government said it was acting in accordance with sanctions being taken by the US, UK and EU following Russia’s ‘unprovoked invasion of Ukraine’.

“Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar does not consider it acceptable, proper or appropriate for Russian vessels to have access to the Port, and as a matter of policy has therefore determined that Gibraltar Port must be closed to all Russian vessels unless specifically authorised,” said a statement issued by Number 6 Convent Place.

Regarding the airspace ban, the government said: “no aircraft owned, chartered or operated by a person connected with Russia are permitted to land at Gibraltar’s airport.”

On Tuesday, the Rock’s famous Moorish castle was lit up in the Ukrainian flags’ blue and yellow in a show of solidarity.

The government announced at the weekend that Ukrainian nationals would not need a visa to enter Gibraltar, later clarifying they would be subject to standard security checks at the border.

The Ukrainian flag has been flying over No. 6 Convent Place, the headquarters of Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar.


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