A Benidorm feral cat colony has been ravaged by rat poison placed into feeding containers and strewn across the ground.

Up to 100 cats are said to be missing or have died in the vicinity of the colony at Cala de Almadraba.

Food containers were almost completely empty and there were many bags of rat poison in the area that had cat bites on them.

No photo description available.

A complaint has been filed to the Policia Local after Thursday’s shocking discovery by the colony supervisor from La Voz Animal.

The group said in a statement: “We launch a unanimous call to demand that municipalities, once and for all, legalise feral cat colonies, here in Benidorm and wherever this message reaches.”

“Enough of killing them, mistreating them and seeing them as garbage”, they declared.

The PACMA Animal Rights Party has demanded an urgent meeting with Benidorm council to discuss the dangers to cats in the area as colony supervisors have no administrative support.

They claim police officers visited the Cala de Almadraba site only after receiving ‘several calls’ and they simply told volunteers to ‘save any paperwork’ and to ‘throw away the bodies’.

A PACMA spokesperson said that the poisoner left bags scattered and visible with the intention that colony workers would know that ‘he was behind’ the killings.

They pointed out that volunteers often feel pressurised by some residents who do not understand the workings of cat colonies.


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