MARBELLA on Spain’s Costa del Sol has been voted as the second favourite tourist destination in Europe for 2022.

The website “European Best Destinations”, which is dedicated to promoting culture and tourism in Europe,  selected Marbella as the top beach destination and the second-best place to visit overall.

The coastal resort in Malaga province was the second most popular destination for 2022 garnering 61,041 votes, just behind Ljubljana in Slovenia.

This award mainly values the quality of life, weather, food and leisure activities.

“Marbella is the preferred destination for travellers looking for relaxation, shopping, refined hotels and restaurants, also local handcrafts, golf, outdoor sports, elegance and refinement for unforgettable holidays,” the website declared.

“Thanks to the work carried out by the City Council, Marbella also attracts more than ever digital nomads, sports enthusiasts, gourmets, but also companies and investors. Marbella develops sustainable and responsible tourism of very high quality and is an example of good practice at European level.” 

Marbella’s Mayor, Angeles Munoz, said the news would have a positive impact on the tourism sector.

“Despite competing against cities like London, Rome or Athens, we have managed to achieve an amazing result which shows the value of Marbella as a tourist destination,” she said.

“Having received this award, Marbella will have a very positive economic impact on the tourist industry” she added.

European Best Destinations highlights that Marbella has managed to offer high-quality sustainable tourism and it is a good example of good practices in Europe.


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