A MAN described as ‘one of the most dangerous drug traffickers opering in Spain’ has been arrested in Marbella.

Known as ‘Don Carlos’ the dealer had known links with powerful drug cartels in Colombia and was involved in bringing in huge quantities of cocaine from South America.

Policia Nacional arrested the kingpin following an 18-month operation and seized 60 kg of cocaine as it was being moved from Sevilla to Malaga.

“Their modus operandi was bringing the drug hidden in flowers from Colombia to Spain,” the Policia Nacional said in a statement on March 5. “He was arrested when he was trying to transport the drugs to the end buyers.”

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They said the man had been in Spain since 1993, when he established a network with drug traffickers from South America with links to the notorious ‘Medellin Cartel’.

A raid on a property in Marbella belonging to Don Carlos -whose initials are FCFG- saw the seizure of €200,000 and a revolver.

Another two men alleged to be part of the criminal organisation were also arrested.


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