A shipment of awnings to provide shelter against harsh weather for Ukrainian refugees has been sent by the Cruz Roja(Red Cross) from Valencia to Hungary.

LOADING UP (Cruz Roja image)

990 awnings have been paid for by the Valencian Government and have been despatched by road from the Cruz Roja logistics centre in Picanya.

They are going to a similar facility operated by the Red Cross-Red Crescent in Debrecen, Hungary.

From there, the awnings will be used either in Ukraine or by refugees that have crossed the border into countries like Poland, Hungary, and Romania.

The Cruz Roja in Spain is also operating distribution centres in Barcelona, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and Madrid, from where two lorries departed for Hungary on Friday.

The organisation is sending out 5,183 family kitchen sets for five people; 9,900 blankets, and 15,985 plastic awnings to insulate against the rain and cold.

KITCHEN SET (Cruz Roja image)

The Cruz Roja estimates that 18 million people are affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

They need basic facilities like food and shelter; clean water; protection; and means to contact family members.


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