A man sought vengeance for his abused sister by trying to shoot dead his brother-in-law in Alicante but ended up missing his target.

He drove to his apartment block and fired shots at him as he leant out of a window, but the bullets fell way short.

The Policia Nacional arrested the shooter, 27, and charged him with attempted murder and the illegal possession of a weapon.

ARRESTED AVENGER(Policia Nacional image)

Officers subsequently charged his sister’s husband with committing gender violence.

The events happened on Wednesday morning when the woman left her home after being assaulted by her partner.

After telling her brother what happened, he drove to the apartment block where his sister lived.

By chance, he spotted his brother-in-law leaning out of a third-floor window and he discharged several shots at him from a gun.

The Policia Nacional received several calls about the shooting and quickly cordoned-off the undisclosed neighbourhood of Alicante.

Officers arrested the shooter just two blocks from the incident.

Police are still trying to locate his gun but a home search uncovered 30 cartridges which coincided with those used in the attack.

After the man’s sister filed a complaint against her husband, he was also arrested and will be brought before the Alicante Court of Violence against Women.


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